Capture Management

Once a screenshot is generated, it doesn't need to stop there for you. You can download the image, share it to a colleague or friend, or even embed the image onto your website. In case the image was only needed temporary, you can delete this image from your account. On the contrary if that image is worth checking at a later date, simply put it in your favorites for faster access and retrieval.

Search & Filter

Advanced search & filters options will let you find any capture from your screenshot history, or quickly grab the most recent version.

From the "capture" section of your account, select one or several of these options:

  • Url of the page captured
  • Date, or date range
  • Screenshot size
  • Screenshot created via a monitoring

You can also perform a research by keywords, we'll use the title of the match to find any match.


Every capture generated includes a download link.

Update or refresh

To ensure data consistency and historical comparison, once a capture is generated it will remain final. If you wish to refresh or update a capture, you'll have to generate a new one using similar options and parameters.

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