Capture Options

You have available options that can improve the rendering or reflect certain configurations you might want to test. That way, you can for exemple get a mobile preview using a smaller viewport (screen size).

Capture Options : Delay

Our rendering technology is awaiting for the page to be completely loaded before creating a screenshot of the web page.

But, it can happen that some elements of the page are loaded asynchronously, or animated afterwards. If that happens, you can choose to add an extra delay (no more than 60 seconds) between the loading of the page and the actual screenshot.

We recommend using a 5-10 seconds delay, in these specific cases:

  • the page is showing a loader
  • the page is using animations when loaded
  • the page is usually slow to display

Capture Options : Viewport

The viewport reflect the visible part of the screen in the web browser. It is expressed with two values in pixels : a width and an height.

alt text

We provide default options for desktop, tablet and mobile which are calculated based on the current most common screen sizes for each kind of device. But if you need extra control, no problem! We let you change the values to what will suit best your needs.

Capture Options : Fullpage

Pagescreen supports fullpage screenshots. If you need to capture all the page from top to bottom, it is possible!

We can capture web pages that are not exceeding 10.000 pixels height. Beyond that limit, we can't guarantee a perfect rendering. When choosing the fullpage option, you'll simply have to worry about defining the width of the viewport and we'll calculate everything else for you.

Note that a fullpage screenshot will be heavier, and will take a few more seconds to generate.

Capture Options : Image format

PNG or JPEG, both are widely used to generate images, the choice is up to you. Be aware that a PNG rendering will be less compressed, so potentially with a higher perceived definition, but the output image will be heavier at the same time.

From our experience, JPEG will suit most cases and is proven to be great on very graphic websites. PNG will look neater for websites containing a lot of text.

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