How does it work

The quickest way to generate a screenshot using Pagescreen, is by visiting the "Quick Capture" section from your dashboard.

From there, you'll simply have to enter the address of a webpage you wish to capture and Pagescreen will generate a HD screenshot image in just a few seconds! You can also choose to apply pressets or options, to enhance the rendering for your taste.

During the few seconds it takes to generate the screenshot, which are mostly depending of the weight and dependancies of the page, our systems will handle for you a bunch of actions:

  • Extract the title of the page, to help a later research on your archives
  • Patch the page, to adapt the display of the page depending of the viewport you chose
  • Scroll-down the page to avoid empty images, when lazy load is employed
  • Follow redirections
  • Detect a navigation error, and retry the capture for up to 5 times in a row
  • Whenever possible, auto-detect and hide cookie-warning message, and other kind of pop-in
  • Etc ..

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