Website change detection, monitoring and alerts

Monitor website visual changes.

Get started for free. No contract, no card required.

Powerfully Simple.

Tell us where to watch and we'll let you know what changes, when it changes.

We solve the pain point of manually checking websites for updates.

You get alerted on web page changes, important news, or even small adjustments.

Monitor Website Changes.

Get set in minutes, save hours, build lifetime value.

Web page monitoring on autopilot

Set periodical captures to collect, monitor and archive any web page activity.

Create & organize collections of visually meaningful, desktop & mobile, pixel-perfect screenshots of web pages.

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Get notified on change detection

Instantly receive an alert when a change occurs on a website you monitor.

Receive a change notification by email, slack or webhook.

Your own archives of web pages

Consult, sort through, organize and share your screenshots anywhere, anytime.

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Looking for advanced control options?
We also provide screenshot on demand and a Rest API for deeper integrations.

What our users say about Pagescreen

"I've been a happy user of Pagescreen for some time now. Most of our team is on Pagescreen now, and when we see some major change in the website of a competitor, we can sit down, and easily explore what they have introduced - the "diff" feature is awesome."

Alexander - CEO @ SessionStack
Alexander CEO @ SessionStack

"Who never needed to make a huge amount of screenshots? I was won over by Pagescreen as soon as I discovered it, a real favorite for this well-designed SaaS solution at all levels. I recommend without hesitation to all the professionals who wish to improve their productivity."

Paul-Henri - Growth Specialist
Paul-Henri Growth Specialist

"Pagescreen is a very well designed service ergonomically speaking. We are immediately at ease and we easily understand the logic."

Christophe - Marketing Consultant
Christophe Marketing Consultant

( Trusted by 800+ industry leaders )

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