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Track any website visual change.

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Monitor Web Pages for Changes.

Tell us where to watch and we'll let you know what changes, when it changes.

Track website changes

We save you energy ...

We solve the pain-point of manually checking websites for updates.

... optimize your time ...

You get alerted on web page updates, important news, or even small adjustments.

Website changes alert

... provide knowledge!

You know exactly what narratives your competitors are telling your market.

Powerfully Simple.

Get set in minutes, save hours, build lifetime value.

Web page monitoring on autopilot

Web page monitoring on autopilot.

Set periodical captures to collect, monitor and archive any web page activity.

Highly accurate captures

Highly accurate captures.

Create & organize collections of visually meaningful, desktop & mobile, pixel-perfect screenshots of web pages.

Get notified on change detection

Get notified on change detection.

Instantly receive an alert when a change occurs on a website you monitor.

Your own archive of web pages screenshot

Your own archive of web pages

Consult, sort through, organize and share your screenshots anywhere, anytime.

Looking for advanced control options? We also provide screenshot on demand and a Rest API for deeper integrations.

Your Competition's Intelligence, Revealed.

Capture crucial intel for your entire organization.

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Changing Terms

• Terms of services
• Pricing Pages
• Privacy Policy

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• Resources Pages
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