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Common Use Cases For Website Change Monitoring

Leverage the power of screenshot automation and change detection technologies that Pagescreen provide to stay on top of your industry and grow your business intelligence over time.

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Market & Competitive Monitoring

Stay competitive with Pagescreen. We monitor your competitors' sites, news sites, research reports, and anything that matters to you, detect key changes in content and alert you as they occur. Build actionable insights that you can act on immediately.

Product/Feature Updates

Know when a competitor introduces a new feature, releases a new product, or cancels an existing product line.

Pricing Tweaks

Ensure your pricing is always competitive by paying close attention to your competitor pricing strategy, including partners and distributors.

PR, News & Announcement

Be the first to know when partners, suppliers, market leaders, or competitors post a press release or make a corporate announcement that can make an impact on your business.

Customer or Employee Reviews

Discover customers and employees feedback on review sites and public forums like TrustPilot, Capterra or G2 Crowd to understand how they perceive your business, services and competition. You can even monitor YouTube channels or blog comments.

SEO & SERP ranking

Track how your competitor website really ranks in search engines. Monitor the evolution of your competitor's ranking on Google search result page over time. Get the whole picture about organic and paid results.

digital archives

Pixel-perfect archive of web pages

It is incredibly easy to create full-page capture of any web page across desktop and mobile with Pagescreen.

Enter any URL you want (we allow for bulk import via CSV or text file containing URLs). We’ll generate high definition, accurate screenshots at the viewpoint and frequency you desire.

Synchronize the newly generated screenshots with services such as Slack, Webhook, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Group screenshots by domain, URL, page title, favorite or custom tag. Consult and sort through your library of screenshots with ease. No hosting necessary, your archives are securely hosted on our servers for your convenience.

Quality Assurance

Monitor internal pages with quality in mind.

Ensuring quality control of your web presence at every level is crucial in today's visually driven world.

With Pagescreen, you can monitor your own websites across desktop and mobile in order to ensure your artwork, branding, and content render best in any web environment.

Even the most isolated of failures will be detected and reported. Automated screenshot and alerting help satisfy quality control and assurance.


Regulation & Compliance Monitoring

Mitigate compliance risk with Pagescreen. Companies who operate in regulated industries need constant monitoring to comply with changing rules.

We help you ensure your people are following the rules while looking for external trends that may impact your business.

With Pagescreen, it’s never been easier to perform automatic checks on specific website activities to stay up to date with the latest regulations.


Financial & Investment Markets Monitoring

Keeping an eye on market fluctuations help ensure you consistently meet the potential of your revenue.

As pricing in the fields of finance and investment is dynamic on many levels, changing daily based on various different factors, staying informed on the latest is key to provide competitive service to your customers.

Even minor discrepancies may result in losses or legal consequences for the business. Never miss an important update to your market.

Human Resources

Job Market Monitoring

We help companies and recruiters search for talents and talents search for jobs.

Monitor job sites or company pages, receive notification when there is an opening.

As a recruiter, you can even monitor public LinkedIn profiles for signals that someone on your radar is looking for new opportunities.

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