Automated website change detection, monitoring and alerts.

Your enterprise workspace for business intelligence research

Automatically track the visual activity of any website. Get valuable insights. Make informed business decisions.

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Built to meet your ever-changing future, with cross-functional teams in mind. Reliable, Secure and Scalable.

Manual web monitoring and archive of large websites can be physically, emotionally, and financially draining.

Pagescreen allows enterprises to stay competitive and on top of their game by automating websites checks for real-time market signals, compliance and quality.

We help corporate executives, business managers and operational teams make informed business decisions.

Effectively gather intel on the latest technologies, regulations, competitors, customers and partners even in a crowded market that is in constant motion.

Spot the latest market signals to gain competitive advantages over business rivals. Collect and spread intelligence across various departments, efficiently.

Spot the latest market signals to gain competitive advantages over business rivals.
Collect and spread intelligence across various departments, efficiently.

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Monitor, Compare and Archive visual copies of any website as they change over time.

Your always-on business research solution

Keep close tabs on your ever-changing industry by automating the monitoring of websites for visual activity. Get alerted on changes in content as they occur. Rapidly gain insights to stay relevant and act fast.

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Collect web archives, automatically

Generate a large number of high-quality screenshots across desktop and mobile, automatically. Save and recover the visual evolution of the websites you want.

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Structure your teams' access, organize data, keep relevant information shared for efficient collaboration.

Manage teams and level of user permissions

Set up your team accounts as you see fit. Easily add users to your account for scalability. Customize what your team members can access, edit, and comment on to control the privacy of your data.

Accelerate business decision making

Collaborate like high performing teams. Discuss in one user-friendly interface the visual changes brought to your attention. Reach decisions together, fast. Stop losing time and important information.

Integrate with your current workflow and existing enterprise solutions for data management and communication.

Receive only the alerts that matter

Set custom monitoring and alerting for each of your team and department needs. When a change or small adjustment that matters is detected, we notify specific team members depending on their preferences.

Built for integration and synchronization

Integrate seamlessly with your applications and preferred communication channels such as Slack. Synchronize the newly generated captures with services such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

Security is our top priority

We adopt strict policies to comply with various industry standards. Your sensitive company and user data remain secure with enterprise-ready security features such as Single Sign-On and two-factor authentication.

Unrivalled Reliability

We make every effort to ensure our services are operational at all time and report on historical status with transparency. Monitors and captures are issued promptly, with the highest level of reliability. Access all your information whenever required.

Built to evolve with you

We can enhance our solution to meet your ever-changing needs and requirements. We are happy to offer Service Level Agreements, tailored contracts, non-disclosure agreements, and white labeling based on your needs.

Trusted by 4000+ Industry Leaders

Forward-thinking companies, from growing businesses to large enterprises use Pagescreen to power their business intelligence.

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