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Easy Website Monitoring

Enter any webpage you want to monitor and we'll generate captures at your desired frequency.

Web Page Change Notifications

Our change detection engine will explore each pixel and tell you when and where something changes on a page you monitor.

Website Screenshot Archives

Record and access the history of the pages you follow, with high-definition screenshots archives.

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Track any website visual change. Effortless.

Get knowledgeable insights on your competitor moves. Every time they change a pixel on their website, you'll be the first to know.

Grow your success through valuable data. Conveniently useful, Pagescreen lets you get fast and efficient overview of your business through screenshot automations.

Monitor responsive pages, all at once.

Pagescreen allows you to create a website monitor with various device resolutions. We simulate the viewport on our machines and provide you with high-quality, pixel-perfect screenshots.

You can easily customize the viewport size and save your screenshot preferences with our dedicated Template section.

Group your web page monitors by domain.

We make it easy for you to track all the pages of a single website you monitor for changes. Our automatic grouping feature simplifies your research.

Website Change Notification.
Straight in your inbox.

Don't miss an update, market signal, important news or even small adjustments.

Create an automation for each page you want to monitor. As soon as a visual change is detected, you receive a notification and you can easily see what has changed.

Define both the frequency (hourly, daily, weekly ....) and the level of alert at which you want to receive a notification.

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