The importance of facing market change for a growing business

Business Intelligence & Research strategy.

by Wilfried

No one wants to be resistant to change. Everyone wants to be adaptable. Yet, in order to adapt to constant change, and prepare for the future, you need to be able to understand the reason for the change initiative. And learn from it.

Agencies and Enterprise Offers

Maintain a high level of awareness of your industry

Today, your world is constantly changing, and fast! With so much content being produced every second and millions of data sources for competitive intelligence, it is a major challenge to keep up with your industry. Yet, it’s crucial to be aware of what’s happening in your world in order to surface a wealth of insights that can help you identify trends and act accordingly, in order to achieve your business goals. So much so that we believe competitive intelligence has become the new currency.

In a crowded market that is in constant motion, how do you gather intel on your competitors, customers, and partners?

Even though you’re doing your best to stay informed on the latest, spending time and resources regularly scrolling through pages and scanning the web for signals, there will always be something that will fall through the cracks. Spotting the latest update can be physically, emotionally, and financially draining. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Take advantage of automation technologies such as monitoring and alerting

The digital transformation of businesses through automation as many benefits, ranging from increased output, higher quality, improved productivity, freedom from boring work to improved quality of life. The ability for companies to adopt such technologies will become a major competitive differentiator.

According to the WorkMarket 2020 In(Sight) Report, employees of medium to large corporations believe they could save roughly 240 hours a year by automating tasks; whereas business leaders believe they could save roughly 360 hours a year by automating tasks.

Learning is changing

At Pagescreen, we believe learning is changing. We see in change opportunities to learn something new and move forward whereas others may see in change challenges to be solved.

Life has taught us that if you want to stay relevant, you must learn to embrace change, and use it as a driving force. In fact, change has become our great teacher. Which is why we’ve been constantly improving our solution to help you embrace change as much as we do.

How to monitor constant web changes?

Well, manual research was a sunk cost until you meet Pagescreen, the go-to platform for website change detection and notification that helps you create, share, and organize intel of the dynamic industry you operate in.

Think of Pagescreen as your always-on market and business research solution even when you are off. Tell us where to watch, and let the magic happen. We work around the clock to archive the changes we detect in one central interface and keep you informed as they happen so you won’t miss an update, even the smallest. Never. And forever.

The benefits of using Pagescreen?

Create an Account now with Pagescreen and save hours of manual labor by automating repetitive and tedious tasks.

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What our users say about Pagescreen

"I've been a happy user of Pagescreen for some time now. Most of our team is on Pagescreen now, and when we see some major change in the website of a competitor, we can sit down, and easily explore what they have introduced - the "diff" feature is awesome."

Alexander - CEO @ SessionStack
Alexander CEO @ SessionStack

"Who never needed to make a huge amount of screenshots? I was won over by Pagescreen as soon as I discovered it, a real favorite for this well-designed SaaS solution at all levels. I recommend without hesitation to all the professionals who wish to improve their productivity."

Paul-Henri - Growth Specialist
Paul-Henri Growth Specialist

"Pagescreen is a very well designed service ergonomically speaking. We are immediately at ease and we easily understand the logic."

Christophe - Marketing Consultant
Christophe Marketing Consultant

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