Introducing our Free and Pro plans

03 October, 2017

by Wilfried

As you may know, since its public launch Pagescreen was free of charge for most of our users. The reason is simple: we wanted to confirm that our product was bringing the value back to our customers.

Thanks to our early adopters, we identified and made the necessary evolutions to our features and interfaces. The recent testimonials we received and the increasing usage of our platform is telling us we are there!

It is now the time to announce our pricing plans including a Free plan.

PRO Plan

Additionally to help us grow and cope with our operational expenses, you get an unlimited access to the platform and priority support.

At a cost of less than 1ct per capture, we cover for you the task of:

Our priority support is here to discuss any question you could have on your account usage, specific needs, rendering issue, or feature requests we’ll be glad to implement!


Even if our solutions are very affordable and competitive, as a startup we understand that even the tiniest costs are to be challenged.

Truth be told, Pagescreen is a product we hope you’ll love. But, it won’t be a must-have service you’ll pay in priority if you are a small structure. It doesn’t mean we don’t want your business, far from that!

A few weeks ago, our mother company Onvey received $20.000 credits from Google. This made it easy for us to decide to introduce a Free Plan, and make Pagescreen available to all :)

Our Free Plan Offer:

Free Trial

If you are not a customer yet, we offer as well a 14-days free trial period. You’ll have an unlimited access to our features to try it out, risk-free!

Should you have any question or request, feel free to contact us via our support or send an email at

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What our users say about Pagescreen

"I've been a happy user of Pagescreen for some time now. Most of our team is on Pagescreen now, and when we see some major change in the website of a competitor, we can sit down, and easily explore what they have introduced - the "diff" feature is awesome."

Alexander - CEO @ SessionStack
Alexander CEO @ SessionStack

"Who never needed to make a huge amount of screenshots? I was won over by Pagescreen as soon as I discovered it, a real favorite for this well-designed SaaS solution at all levels. I recommend without hesitation to all the professionals who wish to improve their productivity."

Paul-Henri - Growth Specialist
Paul-Henri Growth Specialist

"Pagescreen is a very well designed service ergonomically speaking. We are immediately at ease and we easily understand the logic."

Christophe - Marketing Consultant
Christophe Marketing Consultant

( Trusted by 800+ industry leaders )

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