Account Management

User Guide

1. Account Sharing

We encourage team collaboration, and make it possible! As an account administrator, visit "my account" then "team" to invite a collaborator or revoke a previously given access.

This will send an email invitation under your name. Once signed-up, the new team member will have access to all the features of your account, except the team management, billing and payment sections.

2. Multiple Accounts Access

Multiple accounts is permitted using our sharing access options. We will ask you to not exceed one free account per organisation.

The best way to use several accounts at the same time, is to use a personal master access using your main email address.

After two or more accounts are connected to this email address, a switch button will appear on top of our interfaces allowing you to quickly access an account or another.

3. Termination of your account

You can cancel your account at any time, by contacting our support team. We'll be very sad to see you leave and would be grateful if you could share your reasons or idea of improvement in your message.

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